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The radio announcer stated a race car driver had been seriously injured at the West Fargo Speedway friday night.His name was Dave Skari of Grand Forks and that he was rushed to the hospital and was on the critical list.The car dave was driving tangled with the car of Curt Sobolik was driving and was sent into the wall and flipped into the air.The car landed upsided down on the cement wall on the number 1 turn.The roll bars were bent during the impact.Skari never regained consciouness.Paul Eggebraten and Doug Spieker were the first among the scene and were quite shaken seeing Skari's condition.Eggerbraten was unable to finish the feature.Other drivers involved were Gordy Lamb,Don Mack,Jim Ballensky and Frank Witte.With only three laps completed the cars were bunched up making it difficult to stop in time to avoid the other cars.The sprint feature was finished with Doug Groves from Minot coming in first and Wyman Wade coming in second
The very next night in Grand Forks Don Mack won the memorial race in honor of Dave Skari


Dave was the 1972 Supersprint champ@ Northstar

photo courtesy of

The "Flying Deuce"


Mcleod County Fairgrounds Speedway,Hutchinson MN

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Northstar Speedway,Blain MN



Northstar Speedway,Blain MN

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