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#7 Rich Braget             Wahalla,ND
#8 Dave Benson           Stephen,MN
#13 Mike Goldstrand    Lancaster,MN
#14 Bob Mason            GrandForks,ND
#19 Jim Kobe               Bemidji,MN
#20 Loren Zutz            Warren,MN
#22 Kevin Jopp           Stephen,MN
#24 Ron Zutz              Warren,MN
#33 Darryl Davis          Lancaster,MN
#34 Jim Stengl           Warren,MN
#39 Kevin Thompson  Grand Forks,ND
#42 Dennis Leen         Grand Forks,ND
#44 Randy Johnson    Warren,MN
#54 Bob Srynsky        Grand Forks,ND
#66 Bob Avery           Grand Forks,ND
#77 Ron Swanson      Grand Forks,ND
#79 Jim Bazel            Lakota,ND

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